PSA: Judges needed for 4-H Dog Program in Missoula County!

(This is a courtesy post; contact Julia Kolb at 406-241-9521 or Jkolb14@ if you are interested in helping.)

How is your public service-o-meter looking for 2015? Here is an opportunity!

Hi my name is Julia Kolb and I represent the 4H dog program for Missoula County. I am looking for obedience and showmanship judges [one each] for our dog show on July 25, 2015. This show is part of the fair program. … Our members range from ages 9 to 16 and the dogs range from 6 mos to 10 years.

We have two rings going at the same time.  One ring is strictly obedience with several levels one at a time.  The other is Junior showmanship and when obedience is done they do Senior Showmanship.  This will last from 9:00 to approx. 2:00pm.  I would like to get commitments before the end of May due to submitting to the Fair office.  They do offer a $50.00 fee or admittance to fair shows  for the judges.  I know it’s not much but we are here for the kids mostly.  I try every year to get judges that do not know the kids competing.

[Contact Julia — phone number and email above — if you can help.]