RedTile is powerless!

Did you hear about the severe thunderstorm in Missoula/area on Monday? No? Check it out…I am without power at my home, and good information from an inside source at the power company says THURSDAY is the earliest I can expect to be restored.

Amongst other things, this means I won’t be processing any agility entries (LDAC trial and GFDTC trials are currently open) over the next few days. Thanks in advance for your patience!

BSCA Herding: Alternate list

UPDATED on 5/8/2015

Hello — this is the Alternate list for Trial 1:

  1. Armband 4 UPDATE: NOW IN TEST
  2. Armband 5 UPDATE: NOW IN TEST

Alternate list for Trial 2:

Armband 16 Withdrew

  1. Armband 22
  2. Armband 2
  3. Armband 4
  4. Armband 1
  5. Armband 3
  6. Armband 5

A couple of things: first, remember that per the premium, the HT, PT and trial entries were given priority over instinct tests. Second, Trial 2 includes all the Belgian breeds, which accounts for the additional alternates between armbands 4 and 5 (as compared to Trial 1).

If I receive notice of cancellation of entries between now and the trial date, I will update this blog post. So check back frequently!

ARC National Specialty Agility — run counts

Entries closed for the American Rottweiler Club’s National Specialty Agility trials yesterday — here are the run counts! (Subject to change due to adjustments, corrections, moveups, blah blah blah…)

  • Friday/Trial 1: 64
  • Friday/Trial 2: 48 (ARC National/Armetale trial
  • Saturday/Trial 3: 54
  • Saturday/Trial 4: 40