UPDATE – new mailing address!

I’ve sold my home in Missoula and have a new mailing address: PO Box 18297, Missoula, MT, 59808. Mail sent to my old address from this point forward WILL be forwarded to me, but not surprisingly, that is SLOW. Even mail sent to the PO Box will be subject to the USPS’s notorious (see numerous news stories) slow first class service, so I do recommend you consider entering ONLINE.

PLEASE NOTE: No Express Mail Will Be Accepted for the BSTDCM and GDC agility trials due to my transition to a new abode…

YVKC Labor Day trial at YDS

“Have you received my entry?”

I’m truly sorry, but I cannot reply to the emails I receive inquiring whether or not I have received your mailed entry. The next communication you receive from me will be results of the Random Draw, which occurs on Saturday, August 15, in Missoula (see premium). You’ll have that communication before the weekend is over. Preliminary confirmations are NOT sent before the Random Draw.

PREMIUM! Gallatin Dog Club obedience and rally trials

March 21-22, 2020 at the Best Western Plus – Grantree Inn in Bozeman — this site was new last year and exhibitors LOVED it. Tons of crating room, easy access to outdoors from crating for dog walking, full-service restaurant on site open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails!

The premium is available on the GDC page. Online entries will open January 29.


Are you here looking for a confirmation, or results from last weekend’s trial? You’ve come to the right place for updates! Instead of coming straight home from YDS to close out the BSTDCM trial, finalize entries for the July YVKC trial and catch up on the August FVKC and LDAC trials, I took an unexpected detour to Billings to be with a nephew (and his family) who crashed his car late Sunday night and was flown to the trauma ICU at St Vincent’s in Billings Monday morning!


After some pretty scary initial stuff, it is now clear that he will be okay in due time, and I have just arrived home to Missoula this evening (Thursday, July 4).

 BSTDCM at YDS, June 28-30

Trial results will go out this evening or tomorrow morning (July 5).

PHOTO PROOFS are available NOW at Nina Sage’s website. Be sure to check yours out and support their fabulous work!

YVKC in Billings, July 19-21

Entries closed at 8:00 PM on July 3. I’ll be entering and confirming all the entries received by then, in the next day or two.

FVKC in Corvallis, August 2-4

Once BSTDCM and YVKC are wrapped and caught up (respectively), I’ll be starting on FVKC; watch for confirmations over this long weekend.

LDAC at YDS over Labor Day

Ditto what I said about FVKC!