PREMIUM! ARC National Agility

It’s here! The premium for the American Rottweiler Club’s 2018 National agility trial is on the club’s page here on my site. We’re hosting three all-breed trials at Purina Farms in Missouri, May 17-18-19, with a fourth, Rottweiler-only trial embedded on Friday, May 18 featured as the National/Armetale trial.

Embedding a trial allows a specialty club to award placements within a certain breed while still welcoming all other breeds to the trial. As an exhibitor, you will likely not notice anything different that day (unless you are a trial secretary…you will notice me working frenetically to keep Rotts separate from our not-Rott friends as I score and place the trial!).

You need do nothing different with your entries; if you enter by mailing, I’ll process your entry into the correct databases. If you enter online, the AKC system will recognize your breed and only offer the correct trials to you.

Contact me with questions!

Rotty2018 Hi Rez

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